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Why I Work in “Customer Service”

  When asked what I do, I always answer I work in the business of specialty coffee and people. Very rarely do I think of my job as customer service. Over a weekend shift, I can be found chatting with Anthony about buddhist readings and the complexities that thy in the theory of karma. “If we waste this life, what does that mean for the next?” “Forgiveness is actually … [Read More]

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Still kicking

Self-assessment and rebuilding takes a lot of time. Especially when you have a limited amount of time you can devote to it. I’ve been aware of the changes the I needed … [Read More]

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Back Care and Posture: My

I think I’ve started to regain my inspiration and passion for my life. I briefly lost myself and suffered a rough couple of weeks, but I still maintain everything DOES … [Read More]

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Live in Strength and Faith

(Source)   Read that again. Absorb it.   Read it once more if you have to.   The very beginning of this quote also states “Be gentle with yourself”   Despite all the positive and healthy attitude changes I have made since graduating college … [Read More]


Letting Go + a Raw Mousse Recipe

It seems easier sometimes, or more righteous even, to in a way to hold on grudges. If you feel overwhelmingly right about something and mistreated then it only seems natural to stand up for yourself – and hard too. You are strong and you have a point to … [Read More]

Remember me, Grateful

When I was interviewing for my seasonal position at Lululemon, one of the questions that was on their application was "What do you want to be remembered for?" At first, I started thinking about specifics like physical or academic accomplishments. Then, I really sat … [Read More]