They Say It's Your Birthday…

Today is my birthday! I kept saying I did not want to make a big deal about it, but then it arrived and now I am excited. On my run this morning, I wanted to tell everyone that gave me the runner’s smile and nod that today was my birthday. I contained myself though. I […]

Oh My Aching Abs

I owe this blog some major love. I haven’t given her any attention since Friday!  I got home a bit earlier last night and fully intended on posting – then NYU emailed that the internet was going to down for the evening. Figures. I have really been enjoying the finally consistent, nice weather. Yay for […]

Clarition Day 2

Last night, I was feeling crappy again, but this morning I am headache free! I am always skeptical of medicine though, so I always wonder if it is the Clarition, or if I just got better on my own. I will continue to judge it over the next couple days and see. I only bought […]