Excuses Busted Part 2: The While Dinner is Cooking Cardio/Strength Circuit

It was back to work today. My To Do list was huge.



I spent a majority of the morning though working on things pertaining to the future. I started by filing my FAFSA, and other student loan forms. I also hunted down some scholarships that I could be eligible for.



This makes me excited and nauseated at the same time. I am really happy with my decision to become a nurse and that it will put me back on the path towards clinical work and helping people. It is time to move on from research, for now anyway. But the idea of taking out more loans and being a student again really puts knots in my stomach. Especially since this is a one year accelerated second bachelor’s program, and I will have like zero time to breath. This blog will be my only escape. I promise F & S will still be around. I will probably lose my mind if I don’t write.

After that I got a bunch of emails from bb. He has been doing tons of research into the places he might want to go for his residency, medical school is quickly coming to an end, and this is a big decision. I was surprised by some of the places he has been mentioning, and the fact that he does not want to stay in NYC. I think the top on both of our lists has been Durham, NC. This one has been mentioned the most the past couple weeks – for both the program and location. I’ve always wanted to live in North Carolina. My mom too – maybe I can get her to join us one day.

Thinking about the future is stressful, and a great way of dealing with stress is to exercise >> this is a scientific fact. Trust me, I am a researcher. But incase you need more proof here is a couple of links:

-Exercise and Stress: Get Moving to Combat Stress

-Exercise Fuels the Brains’ Stress Buffers – love when work and hobbies combine!

Remember when I started that series Excuses Busted? I know its been 2 months since Part 1: I get bored on cardio machines.

But better late that never here is Excuses Busted Part 2: I don’t have time!

So last Thursday, I missed my usual morning workout. I’ve been really good with going in the evening after work if this happens, so I was not that worried. Then the day kind of sucked, and I did not end up getting out until like an hour and half later than I expected. It was already past 630. I was starting to get really hungry, I had to get home to make dinner for bb and I, plus walk to the post office before I went home.

Sometimes we really do not end up having time. Enter the While Dinner Is Cooking Circuit Routine.

I decided since I had 30-35 minutes while my vegetables were roasting – I had no excuse but work out right in the apartment. It was either that or site and what Jeopardy. So why not??


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I got a good sweat on and felt much better after completing this. I even watched jeopardy at the same time. So next time you think you don’t have time, really evaluate your situation and fit in whatever you can.


What is your favorite ab exercise that you would include into this circuit??

And if you could live in any US city where would it be?? I would like to live in California at some point in my life. San Diego maybe.






  1. I don’t envy you with the paperwork… I can tell you it’s worth it in the end!

    My favorite abs are either V-ups or Spider push-ups. Or planks. I love core work. :)

    Anywhere in the US… probably Seattle or San Fran. I love the NW coast. San Diego isn’t too far behind though!

    • Thanks for the encouragement! I just need to keep focusing on the future. I like v-ups. I’ve never done spider. I will have to look it up – or maybe it is over on Lindsay’s List for the animal theme yesterday.
      Seattle is next on my list. I actually almost put that but I’m feeling like a southern move is necessary after being in the NE for the past 10 yrs. bb is actually looking in your part of the world! He is thinking about Emory in Atlanta.

  2. Definitely understand the stress of going back to school. I am waiting to hear on a decision for my grad school app!

    Definitely going to have to try this workout!

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