Karaoke Queen

I used to go into the lab anyway on days like President’s Day – but really I just wanted to take advantage of the long weekend.

After an awesome start, the weekend stayed right on track. It was a good mix of work and play.


-Bright and early at 8 am spinning at Flywheel with my favorite instructor, Aleah!

-Trader Joe’s is right around the corner from the spin studio. So I could not pass it up. And I saw this:

IMG 1352

Of course you combined these two things TJ’s. I’m sure this was conjured up by black magic, and is incredibly delicious. It is for these reasons that I did not purchase it (yet). It helped that it was 930 am, and I just left a kick butt spin class.

-Sunday = Protein Pancakes

IMG 1356

2 Tbsp rolled oats, 1/3 egg whites, 1 Tbsp ground flax, few pinches of baking powder, stevia, cinnamon, 1/2 scoop brown rice protein powder, and just enough liquid to make a batter. Topped with banana slices during cooking so they cook and caramelize when flipped and greek yogurt + pb flour for serving

- Babysitting in the afternoon – he is getting older and sitting is actually becoming more fun. Like a play date. We went to park even though it was a bit cold. And the 4-5 hours wasn’t nearly as long as it usually is. Can’t wait for no more poopy diapers though – that is my least favorite part.

- I met bb and other med friends immediately after for karaoke in Korea Town. I was tired. Didn’t want to go anymore. We ended up out for 4+ hours where I had the best tofu salad and carried our group in karaoke for 2 hours. The place Maru, makes there own tofu and it was really awesome. I sang and danced for 2 hours and without a drop of alcohol (can’t say the same for the rest of my group though).

-Finally, ended the night with mine and bb’s new addiction. Salted Caramel Pinkberry. There is a pinkberry like 2 blocks from us and it makes it too easy to indulge.

IMG 1357

I got the mini with raspberries and a tiny bit of coconut and shredded chocolate. Woman thought I was crazy when I kept telling her to add less. I’ve learned to just ask for my food to be prepped how I want it so I’m not upset later.


- Lots of computer work

- Food prep for the weekday lunches: tons of quinoa + a batch of hummus just like last weekend. As usual, homemade is sooo good.

IMG 1366

- More work in the form of bathroom cleaning. Blaaahh

- For dinner I utilized some of that quinoa and served it along side Emily’s Creamy – Vegan Kale Stuffed Mushroom. The kalamata olives were perfect here. And I subbed the plum vinegar for balsamic.

I really love portobello mushrooms. And the meaty texture plus savory taste they give satisfies meat lovers like my bb. Great recipe – I highly recommend it.

IMG 1369

I topped his with parm cheese and served mine up layered in a bowl * how I eat everything *

IMG 1370

I’m sad the long weekend it over. This is the last one until Memorial Day in May! Crazy… And it is scary to think I will probably be starting school then, and not working anymore. Stress..

Anyway, I’m off to see my boy. Monday night are his tv shows. He loves to watch American Pickers and Pawn Stars. So I {reluctantly} watch with me. I know it makes him happy.


Do prep for weekday meals on the weekend? Is there something you always make, like my hummus?

Also tell me what is your favorite karaoke song?? We did so much there was Spice Girls, Madonna, Beatles, Gun n’ Roses… And I really wanted to do Benny and the Jets by Elton John but they did not have it!!



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