April Foodie Pen Pal Reveal

I cannot believe tomorrow is May already! April was my 5th month participating in the Foodie Pen Pal program dreamed up by the lovely Lindsay at the The Lean Greenbean.


I got the honor of mailing her a box for April, so head over to her blog to see what I sent and check for the low down on foodie pen pals.

Now on to what you really want to see. What did I get?? Nicole from Apple and Arteries sent me tons of fun stuff. FPP is seriously like having a birthday every month. I love packages, and I think in this digital age Lindsay and her great idea might be signal handily saving the Post Office.

IMG 1898

My box o’ goodies included:

  • Trail Mix – an always welcome box edition. You can never have enough trail mix and granola
  • Barefruit dried pears – Love these! I’ve had the apple ones, and Iove them in oatmeal and cottage cheese. And there is no sugar added! Just the crunchy, crispy pears.
  • Tazo Tea in Refresh and Passion – again always welcome! I drink like 4-5 cups of tea a day. Mint in a fav or mine, and the passion was great iced – as suggested by Nicole. Great idea!
  • Extra gum – I ditched the gum habit for a while and recently picked it back up. This pack was gone pretty quickly.
  • Odwalla bar – super protein. Perfect since I’ve needed to up my protein intake and have extra snacks with me.

IMG 1899

  • My favorite the Penzy Spices! She sent me the Spain and Singapore blends. I used the Singapore in my Spicy Pinto Portobello Burgers and it was amazing! The spain blend was sprinkled on some balsamic marinated mushrooms and other veggies for grain bowl one night. I have tons of signal spices, but no blends – this was so easy and perfect for some of my recent meals.
  • Nicole also has these awesome pens for her blog. Better than business card!

IMG 1900

Besides getting a box of goodies every month. Foodie pen pals is great for introducing you to new blogs and people. Getting to know Nicole now, I found we have a lot in common – she got started by trying to learn some of the science behind a healthy lifestyle.

Get on board! Fill out the form and contact Lindsay via this link by May 4th to join in. Its only $15 max to play and the experience every month is priceless!

What was the last thing you got in the mail??

Happy Monday, and last day of April!


  1. So glad you enjoyed everything! I look forward to continuing to read your blog and maybe one of these days we’ll meet up on NYC!

  2. Penzy Spices are the best!!! What an awesome idea to include in a package.

  3. Such fun goodies! Those are all treats I’d definitely like. Agreed that you can always use more trail mix. And the spice blends look incredible; I love using exotic mixes like that.

    • I want to get up the ambition to make my own mixes sometime. But the Singapore one is really good! It’s basically got everything I love.

  4. I love that you got a pen, now that’s something you didn’t expect. :) Those spices sound really interesting too – foodie penpals rocks!!

  5. good stash ash! love the tea. Tazo is a favorite!

  6. Awesome goodies! I love Penzey’s spices too! :)

  7. I love Penzey’s Spices! They are so great!! How awesome that you got TWO in your box!!

  8. dried pears?! what?! need those!!

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