Healthy Living Does Not Mean Perfection

Since the beginning of the year I’ve been touching on the fact that I’ve decreased the intensity of my exercise adding more yoga, and including more healthy fats and proteins to my diet. These changes were hard make but in the end necessary due to some hormone irregularity, decreased energy, and probably those Jekyll and Hyde mood swings I have been suffering from recently. I’ve been on a mainly clean diet and regular activity routine for just over 2 years now, lost 50 lbs, and when I look at the whole 2+ years have made vast improvements to my health, arthritis, and over all well being.

I have had a hard time fessing up to it because I thought how am I suppose to talk about healthy living if I’m not 100% percent healthy? And how do I talk about fitness when I am myself cutting back?

Well who ever said healthy living meant perfection? And thanks to some friends (Chelsey, Ashley, Katie) talking about the same the same thing on their blogs I realized it is okay – this blog is mine and this is my personal journey that I am sharing.

And there is not a “one size fits all” definition. The biggest thing I am always preaching is finding balance in life, as well as taking information and fitting it to you. Healthy living does not mean having absolutely no problem areas or weaknesses. No one can be perfect or be 100% healthy all the time. That is why we are always challenging ourselves with new goals to work towards. There is always room for improvement and finding balance.

During college, I was considered over weight, had joint problems, had a serious problem with processed food and portion control, and a strained relationship with exercise/ physical activity. Now, I still fall in the normal range of a healthy BMI, but it is on the low end – and maybe that is not right for me a my body. Everyone is different.

So do I still consider myself to on the path of healthy living? Absolutely! There will always be issues in life whether it be physical, financial, external forces, etc. To me part of healthy living means acknowledging it and doing what I can to grow and/or improve. I have been making progress by adding in an extra snacks or some bulk to my meals. I’ve lightened up my workout routine. As I’ve mentioned in recent posts, I’ve been doing tons of power yoga, walking, and 1-2 easy runs per week. Yoga has really done wonders for me, but I want to dedicate a whole post to that and the studio I’ve been going to.

It feels good to finally get this post up. I’ve been promising it for awhile now to you and myself. I have a lot more to share, and I think this was a great place to start. I know I will be able to post and write more easily now too. I think that was the reason I was struggling with posting last month – I had something to say that I wasn’t saying.

Do you have anything you are working on improving that has made you feel not so healthy?

And on a lighter note – I’ve been dying to start actually cooking again! I started out small and made a pea puree this weekend, as well as some surprisingly easy and delicious homemade cashew energy bars (recipe to come!) What is on the top of your “to make list?” Share some links/recipes!


  1. If we were perfect, there’s be nothing to work for, right? I’m always happy when people share their struggles, it shows that we’re all human and that’s okay! I know that I tend to eat more snacks than I need sometimes and I’m horrible about not munching while I cook – but I’m a work in progress.

    I”m looking forward to making this meal from Oh She Glows tomorrow: Stuffed Mushroom Phyllo Roll & Mango Kale Salad

    • I am awful about munching while cooking too! Even if I’m making my lunch in the morning and I’ve just eaten breakfast – I can’t help licking spoons or popping a carrot.

      I’m really craving that mango kale salad now. I had a mango last night and it was so good! Just summerish fruit of the season.
      Thanks for your comments :)

  2. Good for you for working to find the balance. I definitely need to work on a few things – namely late night snacking. One day I will learn to just eat more at the beginning of the day…

    • Thanks Laura!
      I’ve been noticing that my after dinner snack is too heavy – it is almost like another mini meal. I want to move my calories to heavier during the day and lighter at night as well.

  3. amen girl! i’m so glad you were able to write about it! :) it really does help to get your thoughts and feelings out there. you know i’m behind you 100%! keep it up! :)

  4. no one is perfect. i am doing the same friend. gotta take a step back and nuture, especially that mind.


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