Best Week Ever

Who is having the best week ever???




IMG 2226

ridiculous picture. i know. but it gets the point across

Does VH1 still play that show?? I should find out. But anyway – after months of what felt like never ending bad news, things are really starting to look up. Hallelujah! !

What has been making this week great:

*Feeling like I have friends again!

Starting with 3 great days at the BLEND Retreat. I kept the love and the high going. I’ve been having and scheduling lunch/dinner/coffee dates with many new friends and friends I’ve been neglecting. My week this and next is seriously packed

*Fitness Magazine Meet and Tweet was a blast!

Not to mention, Kelly Olexa, founder of  FitFluential, said she loved my hair. My life is complete now!

IMG 2194

IMG 1809

IMG 1810

IMG 2166

IMG 2167

All the bloggers in attendance got extremely spoiled by all the fabulous sponsors.

Reebok, OakleyCamelBakVichy, birkenstock, Sun Maid + many, many more.

IMG 2185

I learned all about how to eat better (unrefined carbs are good and cleanses aren’t necessarily all they are cracked up to be), dress for gym to street, and best new beauty products to have in your gym bag. I got to finally meet a lot of bloggers I’ve been following like Dorry! Love her. Thank you so much to Fitness Magazine! So proud to be in the company of so many influential women.


I finally got my 16 Handles on. Froyo – it has been far too long my friend. Katie and I did it up both picking peanut butter and graham cracker.

IMG 2177

Froyo bracelets – Katie’s is pink.

IMG 2181

*Homemade Kimchi from a friend – found this on my desk this am when I got to the lab. I squealed with delight.

IMG 2198

*Sharing a great product

I got news this morning that I am going to be working with a fantastic local company. Details on this to come, but let’s just say it has fabulous products combining some favorite things chia seeds and nut butter. I know, right??

* Yoga Success!

As if the day couldn’t get any better I got to my happy place Strala Yoga and did my first unassisted forearm handstand. This means I’m getting stronger guys. I got straight up during class and held it for a good 15 secondish. So proud of myself! I was beaming like a little kid.

Roll 388

This photo totally one for the fridge.

*Expanding my cooking {little}knowledge

Remember when I took the Spring Veg Cooking Demo a few weeks ago?? Well, Tomorrow I’m getting the opportunity to help prep for a catering event with the Regal Vegan. Can’t wait to learn from her and get more hands on experience cooking great food.

My 25th Birthday is on Saturday

Considering a couple of weeks ago I was dreading this, it is a good week to be going so well. As of today – I can’t wait. Bring it on 25th Year – let’s make you my best yet!!

Starting about two weeks ago, I slowly became really proactive about making the best out of my situation and focusing on the positive. Life is too short to bury myself in negativity, depression, and going to bed miserable every night. I had months of rough times ending with 2 weeks of complete train wreck. Then, miraculously I saw the light.

“It is often hard to distinguish between the hard knocks in life and those of opportunity.” – Frederick Phillips

I used to think constant positivity, optimism, and trusting the journey was hokey, but I am now a convert.


Comment with anything! Something good from your week, what you had for dinner, your favorite fro yo topping. Can you tell I’m craving some frozen yogurt again – can I have that on Saturday instead of a cake??


  1. love this post! there are so many positive things happening in your life. :) it was so great to meet you on wednesday, and hope to see you soon! happy early birthday!!

    • Thank you! Im glad we ended up at the same table and you knew Katie otherwsie I might have missed you! Def see you soon lady

  2. I am so glad you are having a great week! you deserve it. :)

    Fav fro-yo topping – those creme-filled oatmeal cookies. YUM.

    • Omg the little debbie ones?? Those were my fav when I was a kid. Never seen the for froyo. Amazing with pb or coffee probably.

  3. I’m soooo jealous of that yoga pose! You go girl!

    Looks like you are having a fabulous week. You deserve it!

    Happy early birthday! 25 is great. ENJOY IT.

    • Thanks! I was pretty pumped! I even started clapping for myself. Love the face in your picture by the way.

  4. I am loving all of these Blend posts from everyone who went-it looks like it was such a blast!

    Have a Happy Birthday!

  5. Hey! Did you get those reebok socks from the booth?

    • Yea! First they gave black and then i asked for pink. I guess i was having a pink kind of day. Did you get them?!

  6. I am SO happy to hear you are SO happy! YAY for good things girl! I am so glad I got to see you in colorado and then in nyc! I miss you terribly now! I hope to see you again soon!

    Happy Friday!!! almost your birthday! <3

  7. Congrats on the handstand!!! You rock!!! :)

  8. So glad you’re having (or had since it’s Friday night right now) a great week! I’m so bummed I couldn’t make the Fitness. I’m thinking it was way more fun than spending the entire day traveling home from Denver. :(

    • Probably more fun than travel, but I would have enjoyed some extra days in CO. Still jealous of that sushi you had!!

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