Busy Blogger + Superfood Reward for You

Good evening! I left my apartment at 830 this morning, and got home at 1030 pm! Everyday since coming back from the Blend Retreat. I feel like I have not had a moment to sit down. I’ve been all Engerizer Bunny just going, going going – from blog events, doctors appointments, dates with friends, meeting new people, birthday parties, catering jobs, work (even on the weekend), trying to squeeze in time with bb.

I have not even had time to go grocery shopping since coming back a whole 2 weeks ago! Blasphemy I know.

Luckily, I have got a room full of swag and great companies/friends sending me packages of food. One company I am excited to share with you is a local NYC company that combines two super foods, blogger favorites, chia seeds and nut butter.


New York Superfoods, is the brain child of NYC couple Jason and Catherine. They wanted to create a line of snacks/pre or post- workout fuel with high,healthy ingredients. But they also had to taste good.

The first product we ever tried was the Manhattan Chia Kind Butter. The ingredients: unsalted roasted peanuts, vegan dark chocolate, and chia seeds. That’s it. And the proceeds of each nut butter go to a different charity. “Nut butters with a cause” Before we even swallowed we knew we had to have it. The nut butter is super smooth and very natural tasting. One of the only peanut butters I’ve had that tastes like fresh ground right out of the jar. Plus you get the added benefits of the protein, omega-3′s, and hydration properties of the chia seeds.

Chia and nut butter almost always end up in my breakfast every morning – this combines them both wonderfully. I have some much more to say about this great company, as well as how else I’ve been enjoying their other line of products. And until I get more time to write/ breath, I have a treat for you. Head over to New York Superfoods website, use code freckles&spice at check out, and get a $1 off.


Are there any products you’ve been really enjoying lately?? Share some product love with the world!

I am also working on getting a link set up on my site with the discount directly attached. Should be up in the next couple days as a constant, friendly reminder to eat your nut butter. Not that that is a hard thing to remember :)

Happy Monday! Hope everyone is having a great start to the week.



  1. Wow! Talk about a long day… I don’t know if I could handle that! :-)

    My current product would have to be chocolate-flavored almond milk. I’ve never noticed it before, but now I’m drinking it almost every day! It’s not really a product, but I’ve also been eating a lot more oatmeal… more than ever! It must be that chocolate almond milk. :-)

    • I did buy chocolate almond milk once – I should definitely get it again. Or I have been making my own and doing different flavors, but chocolate has not been one of them! New project. Thanks for the idea.

  2. That stuff sounds sooooo good! I’m still savoring Sarah’s PB too. Never enough nut butter!

  3. OOh, that nut butter looks really good! I have a not-so-slight obsession with chia seeds these days. :)

    I’ve also been trying to get creative about ways to sneak more protein into my diet, so a current favorite product of mine is SunWarrior vanilla protein powder. The texture is great to incorporate into my oatmeal every morning.

    • Ohhh yea sunwarrior is awesome! I have the chocolate original and vanilla warrior blend that I rotate with.

  4. I ordered that nut butter from Opensky a while back-LOVE it. SO good and the chia seeds give it a nice little crunch. :)

  5. What a GREAT idea – I actually use nut butter & chia on my breakfast sandwiches all the time. Although I also add marmite & nooch to that mix – it’s my pre-race/long-run fuel. :)

    • I need to get me some vegemite soon! I remember you talking about it at blend and suggesting that I would like it. We have similar tastes so I need to take your word for it. Or order some vegemite bites from Lindsay.

  6. Hey Ashley!

    It was fun to meet you last night. Let’s connect in NYC soon : )



  7. Those are adorable product names! So fun.

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