Out of Office + A Very Cherry Giveaway

Its finally here! BLEND retreat weekend!

I’m writing to you from my morning flight from NYC to Denver. I’m blogging via the wordpress app on my iPhone. It’s awesome that I can blog on the go, but my pictures won’t upload in he post. Drats!! But for a visualization: I am all settled in with some terminal purchases Yoga Journal, US Weekly (gotta have a little trash for some pure entertainment), A large coffee, an even bigger au bon pain oatmeal, and the plane is playing Parks and Recreation. And Paul Rudd is on <3.

Travelling makes me crazy - especially in New York. I love it! But I get supper stresses and on edge until I am actually in the seat on the plane. And my poor fellow jet-setters must hate me. I am always a hot mess, bag lady trying to manuveur all my things through the airport and getting in everyone's way.

I spend a lot of energy worrying what will go wrong when nothing usually does. This morning however tons went wrong. I found out yesterday my flight was moved to 30 minutes earlier. They can do that?? Then my alarm did not go off so I got up an hour late (takes an hour to get to airport), I couldn’t find my ID, it was raining, and i’m pretty sure I underpacked. Finally, I didn’t have time to download any mags/movies to my ipad. Boooo. Major thumbs down on a 4.5 hr flight.

Despite all this, I was surprisingly calm. Thankfully bb sprung for me to take a cab. Thanks booboo!

And luckily, I whipped up a small smoothie last night that I downed really quick before heading out the door. In my smoothie, I used a little cherry juice as part of the liquid base. I wish I could give you pics!! But maybe it is better without – the red juice combined with the green spinach makes the blended end result a pretty unappealing color. But it tastes great, nonetheless. And that is all that matters.

Last month, I received a very generous package from Cheribundi. They kindly reached out to me to review their line of cherry juice products!

I am not usually a juice drinker. However, I was pretty pumped about this be after having just seen cherry juice on Dr. Oz and The Doctors. Cherry juice has been shown in research to be great for promoting sleep and combating inflammation and joint promblems. Recent insominic with arthritis – I will take a case, please!

I was kidding, but well that is pretty much what Cheribundi sent me! They have several drinks: Tart Cherry Original, Skinny, Ginger, Chocolate, and one with whey protein. I was most excited for their skinny flavor and ginger. The skinny has less cals and sugar. I’ve been using it in smoothies and to “spike” my water in evening. I love it in sparkling water most. And although it is tart cherry juice, it tasted pretty fabulous on its own.

Because Cherbundi was nice enough to send several bottles of all their varieties, I am able some to share with you.
I have 4 bottles to giveaway this week: The Orginial, Ginger, Skinny, and Chocolate. I will have a hard time parting with the ginger, but because I love you so much I am pulling up my big girl pants and sharing :)

And just yesterday, I realized that Cheribundi is also a sponsor during our breakfasts this weekend too!

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and tell me something that is a necessitiy when you travel.
I always have to have magazines and tons of snacks!

For an extra entry tweet the giveaway to me @freckleandspice and @cheribundi. Leave another comment when you do.

You will have until Wednesday 5/9 to enter. In the post, I will annouce the winner and share photos of the juice and my creations with it.

I am not planning on blogging during BLEND. I am going to take advantage of the opportunity for relaxation and fun! Enjoy your weekend, and be sure to enter the giveaway!

See ya Monday!!


  1. I really wanna try the cherry juice! Sounds tasty!

    I need snacks & magazines when I travel! & I always buy a large coffee in the airport…for some reason, no matter what time I’m flying.

  2. Jordan D says:

    I always need gum and headphones when I travel if I’m taking a plane. I hate when my ears pop! Oh. and crossword puzzles to keep me entertained.

  3. Snacks, snacks, and more snacks!!

  4. I must have my Nook color! I can surf the web, read my books, magazines, and listen to music!
    Hope you have a great time!

  5. Love Cheribundi!
    Have to agree with magazines and SNACKS!

  6. Sent a tweet also!

  7. i LOVE THAT STUFF! SO yummy! hope you are enjoying some R&R after blend.<3

  8. I always have to have a book! I was surprised with the cheribundi, too! Glad to have met you and talked to you a bit!

  9. The ginger one sounds amazing! My biggest travel necessities are gum and books. Hope you had a good time at Blend :)

  10. 91% Chocolate Lover says:

    I just found your blog through the blend post from kissmybroccoli, and I’m excited to try some of your recipes! A travel necessity for me is definitely a book of some kind for the long car/plane rides.

  11. Hi! I found your site from Calee’s blog on the Blend Retreat. It looks like it was a lot of fun!!

    My necessities for travel are always an ipod, magazines and books, and valium (I hate flying!). LOL

    • Yay! Welcome!. you are the first to say valium – love it. I used to hate flying. I do take Dramamine.


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