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Keeping the blogger love going. I saw via twitter that Dara was going to one of my favorite chow spots in the city, Peacefood cafe. Another great blogger we immediately connected over our love of local restaurants featuring high quality, organic, simple done food. I will definitely be checking out her blog more for restaurant recommendations.

She was the perfect lunch date too! Willing to split and ready to everything! The goods:

Indian-Spiced Chickpea “fries” some sautéed kale and roasted brussels. Chickpea fries are amazing and perfectly seasoned. They are cooked in broth so not deep fried. <3


The Japanese Pumpkin Sandwich

mashed and seasoned with a little sea salt,

ground black pepper and extra virgin olive oil,

topped with caramelized onions, ground walnuts,

vegan cheese and seasonal greens

Seriously my favorite menu item. All the different flavors and spreads make it really unique.


It was the perfect lunch – new friend + my favorite food. And I got a lemon lavender loaf to go which I ate at my desk at work. I am sad to be meeting Dara only a few weeks before she leaves for Toronto, but we are hoping to squeeze in another blogger date before then!

Let’s talk about Blend again. There are so many sponsors to thank. But I was surprised about how much I learned from and liked the protein beverage companies in attendance.

I would not have survived the high energy Blend Retreat weekend without these two protein packed beverages from our sponsors Fitmixer and Core Power Protein.

The first one I tried was the Core Power Protein Shake. I’m not usually a huge fan of shakes like this. But after the long flight we arrived to the house with a fridge stocked full of goodies including these babies:


I shared a vanilla with another housemate. It tasted like a vanilla milkshake – no lie. Absolutely, no weird after taste, no chalky texture. It was creamy, yummy, and I was sold.

And after our insane hike where my legs, where legitimately shaking towards the end, I refueled before lunch with the Strawberry Banana Light.


(Katie’s picture)

I really liked this one!! I could see using it as milk in cereal for extra saying power. I do this bb too since he doesn’t know when he gets to eat next in the hospital. And it is easy to just bring it with me for an easy on the go boost in the afternoon, or after yoga.

On the hike I did get to chat with the rep Angelei who gave me some more info about Core Power:

  • It has both whey milk and casein milk protein. The whey digests quickly, while the casein more slowly. This is beneficial for immediately and long term muscle recovery and rebuilding. This would be perfect snack for me in my current efforts to gain some weight.
  • Honey is used as the sweetener – honey provides the carbs. And carbs + protein is needed for muscle recovery.
  • No chalky taste because there are no additives

Unfortunately, I couldn’t bring my swag bag bottles home on the plane. : ( So I will have to figure out where I can get some.

Next great company was FitMixer!


Can I just tell you – not only are their products great, but their people are really fantastic. They had 4 reps there – Jeff, Robin, Candice, and Alicia. I got to talk to them a lot through out the weekend, and at the farewell breakfast on Sunday, I really connected with all of them. I just wish it was not so late in the weekend. They are all very knowledgeable, diverse, and sincere in their efforts to provide a great product to people. I was / am very impressed by the fitmixer company. I’ve actually already received an email from Candice, and it has only been 48 hours since Blend ended. I cannot say enough good things about them.

Read more about the products and the great work behind the company in the Q & A here.

The sponsors from fitmixer were nice enough to provide us with blender bottles, packets of protein, a whole jar of fit amino, as well as fit amino for before all our workouts. The fit amino is an all natural way to get your blood flowing and muscles awake before any workout. It protects your muscles during your activity and helps repair them after.

IMG 2093

The fit mixer folks also suggested I look into their retain line. The retain is meant to help provide high calories and protein, and to stimulate muscle growth to help people who have trouble maintaining muscle mass and bone density. This is something I really want to try since I am having trouble putting the weight back on from all the stress lately and my running last year.

I have my beloved Sunwarrior protein and hemp protein powders, so I was pleasantly surprised to be so taken with both these companies. You don’t have to be a body builder to benefit from added protein in your diet. So, I encourage you to check out these companies and see for yourself.

Finally, I have a small order of business – the giveaway winner. Cheribundi was another sponsor who has a beverage, tart cherry juice, with great health benefits. I actually had no idea they were a sponsor until the day before. Small world. The winner is….

Email me your address, and I will get your one of each of the four flavors on its way!!
Do you use protein supplements in your diet? What is your favorite powder, shake, bar?? I used to think just body builder’s and fitness models needed protein supplements and that they were always full of artificial ingredients. But now I know if I find the right companies with natural, great tasting products – then the extra protein is perfect for getting me through the day, post-workout recovery, and maintaining a healthy weight.
I’m also off to the Fitness Magazine Meet n Tweet this am. And I’m late!!

Have a good day!




  1. I still haven’t tried the CorePower stuff … soooo much sugar. But I am addicted to fitmixer aminos. I admit that I skipped my workout last night in favor of passing out and sleeping for 12 hours … but I packed my aminos for it. So actually doing it today. I have 6 more workouts before I finally finish livefit. 6.

    • The sugar is why I like the light line – strawberry banana and dark chocolate. And at least it is sugar from natural sources/honey.

  2. I really enjoyed the FitMixer aminos myself – I’m curious to see how it compares in tough workouts versus my normal pre-workout fuel.

  3. I love those Fitmixer amions! I had it today pre-and post workout. :)

    I want to check out their retain line too. Great company!

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