Rainy Day Made Better by Technogym and Friends

These busy, jam packed days are a blessing and curse. I’ve been having so much fun but it is starting to catch up with me. I was exhausted and feeling sick today.

Yesterday started with work in the lab. The past couple days have been frustrating, my experiment was up and working, then last week we tired it on the precious samples. Naturally, it did not work. I worked half the day on Sunday to try and fix it, but no such luck. With two great weeks in lab after finding out I am staying, it is things like this that remind me how disappointed I am to not be going back to school.

I raced out of work into the rain and most expensive cab ride ever to head downtown to an event at Technogym!

Technogym is an Italian based wellness company that makes beautiful and state of the art work out equipment for both home and commercial gyms.

We were invited to the Soho showroom is check out the equipment and get a demonstration from Joshua Holland, an incredibly nice guy who also happens to be Madonna’s personal trainer.

MG 3675

I know, right!!

The equipment is not only super fancy and gorgeous, but all the cardio equipment comes internet ready – how convenient!

MG 3618

MG 3621

Joshua was demonstrating what was my favorite piece the Kinesis One.

MG 3622

This multi-purpose piece literally allows you to do basically any lifting exercise you can think of, as well as cardio and plyometric movements – perfect for cross training. I loved it to much I wanted in on the action.

MG 3637

MG 3641 1

MG 3650

MG 3651

MG 3652 1

I decided I had enough when he suggested jumping lunges (my least favorite move). My excuse – not rain boot conducive. But someday, I will have a home gym and hopefully this will be part of it. Then, I would do jump lunges everyday.

The best thing about the Kinesis One are the multiple, easily moveable handles. No pull out pins and moving the arms around for every exercise like the usual gym equipment. This way you get to keep your heart rate, easily switch back and forth between strength and cardio moves, and the height is always perfect.

I started a trend after this too!

MG 3663


MG 3673


I think Joshua welcome the break.

MG 3661

Afterwards, I ran right over to meet some friends for dinner at Spring Street Natural. They have this tomato bread that will change your life!! It is half the reason I come here.


The food is always great, healthfully prepared, vegan-vegetarian friendly, and local organic. ingredients. There is a huge menu too which makes it hard to decide!!I got the vegetarian special – roasted tofu with a light roasted red pepper, tomato, basil sauce accompanied by vanilla infused sweet potato puree and sautéed spinach.


The sweet potato was a little sweet for dinner, but I still loved it. And the sauce on the tofu was really great. I spent a couple hours catching up with my girls Emily and Lisa. Sharing crazy stories and making up for lost time. The winter put a rut in my girl time.

I got home at 10:30 pm, just in time to say goodnight to bb. It is currently 24 hours later and I still have not seen him. He is on 36 hour call – insanity, right??

So although work was meh and the rainy weather was atrocious in the city yesterday – it ended up being a pretty good day. It always is when you get to see friends!

MG 3607

I’ve been spoiled by all the blog events lately and seeing my friends. I hope the trend continues!

Finally, big thanks to Techogym and Michelle for inviting me out! It was a great experience.


Any piece of fitness equipment you are currently lusting after??



  1. I am super jealous of all the blog events you’ve been attending! Mostly I’m just jealous you get to see everyone!

  2. i used to teach techno gym classes at my gym in austin. Small world!

  3. It was so great seeing you at the event! However briefly :) I, too, enjoyed seeing the TechnoGym equipment. I do LOVE the Kinesis resistance machine–it’s all I would ever need. However, I would absolutely get the most use out of the bike or treadmill with the “Communicator” software.

    • Yea man! The communicator software was awesome. Some day I will have a pimp home gym with that treadmill and kinesis machine.

  4. Hi Ashley!

    Great recap of the event! We are so happy to hear that you enjoyed Kinesis and the other Technogym equipment. If you are curious about Kinesis, would like to learn more or want to find one near you, visit our community site for Kinesis (www.wekinesis.com).

    Thank you again for this recap post and all of the great pictures! Hope to see you again soon!

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