The 25 List!

I cannot believe that it is May 23rd already! My birthday was back May 12th, and I spent the week before creating this list of 25 Things To Do While 25:

  1. Make my own sushi
  2. Travel to 3 new cities – New Orleans being a must
  3. See a celebrity – I’ve been in NYC 3 years and still have not had a celeb siting
  4. Get a DSLR – this happened on my birthday!! I had no idea
  5. IMG 2284Take a pasta making class
  6. Go to Pure Food and Wine
  7. Make a Tee Shirt for myself/blog – I want one with my tag line on. I want to spread the thrive love
  8. Knit a scarf and/or socks
  9. Go to an off Broadway play – only been to a couple on bway ones
  10. Write one freelance article
  11. Accomplish a yoga handstand – ever since my first headstand I’m addicted to inversions!
  12. Read 12 books – one a month I think is reasonable
  13. Eat the mushroom crepe at Mario Batali’s Babbo
  14. Walk/ride over the Brooklyn Bridge
  15. Make my own pita bread
  16. Volunteer at soup kitchen
  17. Take a pottery class
  18. Star a proper skin care regime with all natural/organic products
  19. Complete 200 hour yoga instructor certification
  20. Do afternoon tea in the city
  21. Go to Burlesque show
  22. Discover my favorite type of red wine
  23. Send a snail mail letter to a friend/family member at least once a week
  24. Get a tattoo
  25. Pay off my credit cards – ughhhh

Last year, I did a a list of 24 things I’ve learned over 24 years. That post was more reflective. This year I’m looking toward the future. And only positivity is allowed!


What is one thing you want to do before your next year??




  1. Hooray for tattoos!!! Dooooo it! :)

  2. I really love this idea so much that I’m going to start a list of my own, and I’ll just pretend it was conceived on my actual bday (which was only 4 days before yours, so I’m calling it fair game.) 30 goals for a year is nice round number. :)

  3. Lauren says:

    I have a “32 while 32″ list on my blog. I quickly knocked a few things off, but lately I’ve been slacking (except I did just pay off all my credit card debt- need to update that one!)
    My biggest goal is to get my personal trainer cert- but I hope to get that by mid-fall (and my bday is in February- so that BETTER be done by then!)
    Your list is great! I’ve made sushi a bunch of times at my house. It’s really easy and so fun- a great dinner party activity.
    And whoa- the yoga cert- good luck girl! I’d LOVE to do that. I should do that.
    My fave red wine? Pint Noir. Hands down. Preferably an ’08 from the Willamette Valley Region (learned ALL about them from my honeymoon in the Pac NW!)

    • Ashley says:

      Congrats on the credit card debt! I almost did not put that one on there, but it needs to be addressed and no longer ignored. It does not help that all the others require $$. ugh.
      When I first started to move to the dark side, or liking red wine, I ordered a lot of Pinot Noir – it is good. But I’m def interested in what else is out there.

  4. I want to get a tattoo too – really! I keep talking about it, just haven’t had time to make it a reality. :)

    • Ashley says:

      I’ve been saying it for years! The bf keeps getting in the way. Here’s the plan – I will come to ATL and we will both go get one!!

  5. I love this idea! My 26th birthday is soon (eek)

    My goal is to take a ZUmba class and get my Yoga certification!

    • Ashley says:

      When is your bday??! Also, let’s do brunch and chat about yoga sometime! Your blog is beautiful.

  6. Jessica says:

    Good luck with your list!! This year I’m hoping to go rock climbing on a wall, make my own kombucha, and go on a yoga retreat.

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