The Little Things in Life

It is far to easy to forget to not only appreciate the littler things in life, but to even notice them. Good things come in small packages, and kind gestures do not always need to be grandiose to make you feel good. This kind of goes a long with my recent post about being socially healthy.

The little things giving me pleasure lately.

- Love Grown Granola + Chobani + berries every morning for the past week.

IMG 2381

As much as I love my oatmeal – this will always be my favorite. Add a little nut butter sometimes you’ve got my perfection in a bowl. Lucky me that yogurt fit into the BRATY (banana, rice, applesauce, toast, and yogurt) since I was sick all week. Love grown is by far the best granola, next to homemade. I got tons at the BLEND Retreat. I forgot how much I loved it and I’m quickly running out. You can’t purchase it anywhere in NYC either. Sadface.

- Artisan Ice Cream – Tis the season for my all time favorite dessert!

IMG 2339

My goal for the summer –  who has best ice cream in NYC. I already have my favorites, but there are still so many places I have not tried! Let the games begin. Any one wanna grab a cone??


IMG 2190

I received my first birk’s at the Fitness Magzine Meet n Tweet this past month. I never thought I would own a pair – at least not until I was a playing the part of soccer mom. My feet could not be happier!! I was having really bad pains in my heels and arches, even in slippers. Wearing these I feel nothing!.

- Random spoonfuls, errr fingerfuls, from this little jar of love compliments of nut butter extrodinaire Miss Smart.


- Corner chair and first watermelon of the season!

IMG 2418

IMG 2419

IMG 2421

I came home to these 2 things from bb. In relationships it is really easy to over look the little things and let life get in the way. bb and I tend to forget this a lot. But I could not have been more pleased by these two small acts. The smell of the watermelon being sliced was really intoxicating. And I am currently blogging and drinking my coffee from my chair. No more bed eating, blogging, reading! I did not leave my chair all night – bb commented that he thought I was going to sleep in it. After almost 2 years, I finally have my little spot in our little sardine can :) Now I just need to decorate the area. Maybe a picture and a pretty pillow.

- Make-up

At 25, I’ve decided to be a girl again and wear a little natural looking make up. I feel pretty, oh so pretty…

Foodie Pen Pals! Who doesn’t love packages!

IMG 2383

IMG 2384

Elizabeth, from Don’t White Sugar Coat It, sent me some great snacks Quinn Caramel Popcorn and Brad Kale Chips! As well as welcome fans tea and stevia, plus tons of stuff from Vega – one of my new favorite companies. I’m always surprised at the sort of ESP that seems to be involved in these packages every month. If you want to get involved in Foodie Pen Pals, which I highly recommend!!, it is $15 per box, sign up with Lindsay here by the 4th of the month, and get matched on the 5th!

- Mayor Bloomberg is banning soda on larger than 16 oz! – Amen. This was the first healthy decision I made back in 2008. Cutting out soda was huuuge.

- Home Sweet Home and long weekend number 2! I currently need to get packing and ready for work. Because at lunch time today – I’m off to Syracuse for the weekend. I haven’t been home since Christmas. Which is the longest I’ve been away yet. I am so looking forward to quality time with my mom, eating my weight in her hummus, cuddling with my puppies (expect many pictures, and lazy multiple cups of coffee mornings – all just pure love!


Tell me a little thing that made you happy today?!

What do you think about Mayor Bloomberg’s new proposal?


  1. I’m glad the birks are helping your feet!

    I’ll come get some ice cream with you anytime!! :)

  2. YAY! So happy you are enjoying the Cookie Dough Nutty Butter. ;) And I will join you for some vegan Luna’s Kiss ice cream any time!!!!!

    I have been eating so much watermelon I’m not sure why I haven’t turned red yet. [Probably because I have also been wearing sunscreen.]

  3. I miss you friend!

    Have a great trip seeing your family this weekend!


  4. Those Birks are cute! Are they pink? :)

  5. yay! glad you liked the package! enjoy your long weekend!

  6. i love all those things too! and the vega is awesome. Now, i need the cookie dough. I am suppose to trade with sarah soon, yea!

  7. Oh my goodness! I would LOVE to grab a cone with you girlfriend ;)

  8. Yum that watermelon looks so delicious! So does that cookie dough nut butter!!

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