Chobani Soho – A Yogurt Heaven

I could eat yogurt all day, everyday. There are currently 7 yogurts in my fridge. And I ate 2 additional, the last two days. I’m of the eat one, replace one mindset.

Yogurt parfaits often end up being my breakfast or my night time snack. Piled with fresh fruit and some granola. Love in a bowl for me. *Note the parfait in my header*

I love greek yogurt and farm fresh full fat yogurt. It is no secret that Chobani happens to be my brand of choice. I would say 90% of the yogurt I buy is from Chobani.

So you can imagine my enthusiasm when I found out that Chobani’s newest venture is a yogurt bar/cafe here in NYC called Chobani Soho. YES PLEASE!!

I actually seriously contemplated (still am) apply to become a “yogurt master.” bb told me not to quit my day job. Dang student loans….Who doesn’t want to be a yogurt master??

Most people have heard of Chobani and greek yogurt craze by now. But do you know the story, or the man, behind the yogurt? Chobani was named one of the 50 most innovative companies in 2012. Founder, Hamdi Ulukaya, a turkish immigrant, started Chobani to make fresh, simple, minimally processed, great tasting strained yogurt widely available to American people. And keep it a reasonable price too.

Another great thing about Chobani is the people in company. I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with some of the girls that work here in the city, and they invited me out earlier this month to check out the space and taste their unique creations.

They currently have 10 menu items, with sweet and savory options. And we were lucky enough to try most of them.

Before, we could get tasting Dar, the manager here, explained to us some of that great attention to detail I was mentioning. The yogurt is brought in fresh daily from the Upstate farm, they use the best imported nuts, honey, and olive oil (they had a week long meeting just to discuss which walnut to use), and it served super chilled not frozen.

Tasting time!

The Sweet:

First up - Pistachio, Dark Chocolate, Orange, Mint, and Clover Honey

Talk about starting with your base hitter. This was so decadent.

Blueberry Power – Fresh Blueberries, Walnuts, Crunchy Chia Seeds, Hemp Seeds, and Light Agave Nectar.  Good, but very much like my typical breakfast.

Same for the seasonal fruit (strawberries + ganola and honey). Never a let down, but very typical.

What’s not typical – the creation next to it. The savory offerings! I was excited for this because I am lucky enough to have a worldly mom and we enough Lebanese yogurt with savory seasonings like za’tar and olive oil at home. And I use greek yogurt in place of sour cream very often.

Creamy Plain Chobani, Fresh Cucumber, Sea Salt, and sprinkled with Fresh Mint, served with Pita Chips

Creamy Plain Chobani, Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil, Freshly Cracked Black Pepper, and Sea Salt, served with Pita Chips. Dar styled my chips for me – pretty right?? Too bad he can’t come do that for me all the time!

These were both knock out! I highly recommend it. I’m Italian – and I’m sure my commiting some sort of sin for saying this but that Greek EVOO is some of the best I’ve tasted – it is slightly spicy too. I’ve always thought Sicilian was the best – but this is up there.

Another knockout – the pb and j. Yes, Chobani did in fact go there.

Creamy Peanut Butter, Concord Grape Jelly, Sliced Red Grapes, and Peanuts. A blogger fav for sure. A bowl sweet and salty deliciousness. I couldn’t stop. I wanted to take this home and eat it in PJ’s in bed :)

I also kept mixing the figs from this one with the peanut butter. – Cheating I know. They encourage you try the creations and not make substitutions.


Dried Turkish Figs, Clover Honey, and Walnut. Photo from Jillian ( I was too busy eating)

I’ve since been back for another sweet favorite. It’s right near my yoga studio so it’s the perfect pre/post practice snack.

Refreshing Pineapple, Toasted Coconut Slivers, Turkish Hazelnuts, and Light Agave Nectar

I love that the imported ingredients are available for purchase in the store. Oh and you get to keep the glass jars the yogurt comes in.  I’m starting a collection :)

I went home with Turkish Hazelnuts and some of the amazing Greek EV Olive Oil.I will be getting one of those really cute turkish market bags you see hanging on the wall too. I’m a sucker for things like that.

If you haven’t had Chobani greek yogurt yet, then run to your local grocery store, and if you are in NYC check out the Soho Cafe.

This is one health trend that I believe is legit. bb thinks its amusing when get overly excited about companies/products. But I do so with good reason. I really value high quality, simple products done well. You can tell when a company really pays attention to detail. Chobani is definitely one of those that deserves the hype it gets.


What do you think of Chobani’s yogurt bar idea??

Any current health food trends you back? I also support all the hype chia, hemp, and kale have been getting.

Here’s to eating well!

Happy Tuesday :)


  1. I just read the Greek yogurt bars are going to be the new trend. Apparently Pinkberry is going to introduce a line too.

  2. Leng Leng says:

    Oh my.. this sounds amazing! I definitely have to check this place out, especially since my bf loves chobani~ Thanks for sharing!! I love anything yogurt! ;)

    • Leng Leng! Thanks for stopping by :) Haven’t seen you in forever. Let me know if you and Carlos (or you and maybe Sun) want to go sometime. Since I couldn’t go to smorg with you, we should set up something else

  3. uhh YESSS lovelovelove. your pics and descriptiosn make me want to go back again asap.

    • Ahaha me too. I actually have the menu card sitting on my night stand, which is dangerous. Causes Chobani dreams

  4. Ooh great review! I still haven’t been to the chobani store, but I can’t wait to try it :-)

  5. Haha! This post reminds me of the Xagave breakfast as Blend and how you kept going back for more yogurt toppings! I LOVE Chobani…actually, whenever I find another brand on sale, I feel a little guilty buying it…like I’m cheating on them! Lol This place sounds like a dream come true! I really doubt my little town will get in on the yogurt bar action…heck, they are JUST NOW catching on to the whole fro-yo concept, but I can only hope that Nashville makes me proud! I am seriously drooling over that first cup…pistachios? chocolate? orange? AND mint? YUMMMMM! And now I’m totally jealous of your yogurt cup collection! ;)

    Not really sure it it’s considered a “current health trend” but I am 100% behind anything and everything involving coconut flour! I swear that stuff came straight from Heaven!

    • I think coconut is a total health food trend right now.

      I have coconut oil and shredded that ive been playing with. And ivr been eating a ton of luna and larrys coconut bliss ice cream. I need to get flour. Ive been meaning to for a while – thanks for the reminder!

  6. I am so jealous of this whole experience! Yes, I am a “vegan” but I have been eating more and more Chobani lately, since apparently my lactose-averse tummy doesn’t mind it TOO much. [Or I just have chosen to ignore the situation.]

    Figs + Peanut Butter is a delicious combination. Perhaps I need to make a Figgy Pudding Nutty Butter….

  7. I am very very very jealous of you right now! I want to visit NYC so bad just so I can go to the Chobani store!!

    • Come! Seriously and Strala is right there too! Its a dangerously close walk for me. And an oatmeal bar restaurant just opened in the same area. Blogger heaven!


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