On the Road: Phoenix, AZ

Hello Everyone!

I’m happy to say I’m out of NYC for the week and visiting bb in Phoenix. So far my vacation has been getting up at 430 am everyday. On Wednesday I had an early flight out of JFK. I flew Delta this trip. I was pretty pumped for the biscoff cookies and the fact that they were showing the Avengers. bb and I never made it to the theater for that and I love me a super hero movie. However, the very nice, very talkative, elderly Russian woman had other plans for me. Needless to say, I missed half the movie. But at least the flight went by fast.

Not wanting anything to go to waste/slave some money I packed lunch: mashed avocado and sprout sandwich, carrots, cucumber, radish, and jicama.

I’m pretty sure I was the only one gnawing on a whole cucumber on the plane. Wonder what that looked like to security on the scanner??

I spent yesterday afternoon learning the hard way that 1) Phoenix is in fact as hot as they say it is. And 2) Phoenix is also not a walking city. 1.5 miles in NYC – no problem – Phoenix – not so much. I had never been so happy to see a Starbucks. I ran inside for a passion fruit iced tea and to cool off. I must have looked nuts. My hair was everywhere and I was sweating up a storm.

I had walked myself over to the Heard Museum – A Native American History Museum not to far from my hotel (or so I thought), and a pretty well reviewed sight to see here.

My favorite exhibit was the Hopi Pottery.

I would totally rock on these. Headbands are so in right now anyway, right??

I love Native American culture. I took a class on different religions in college and Native American philosophy was one that I really connected with – and even more recently.

This sculpture really moved me.

The quote on the plaque that accompanied said: “Facing life, calling forth your strength of body and mind.”

On that note – I am off to a try a Phoenix yoga studio. Lucky only a 5 minute walk from the hotel – phew!

Then, I need to find some Mexican eats.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Have you ever been to Phoenix?? Any recommendations for things to do/places to eat?

I think I am definitely renting a car for the rest of the trip so I can see more and maybe head up to Sedona and Montezuma’s Castle this weekend.




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