Spiced Carrot Infused Millet Grain Bowl

bb is out of town for 5 weeks and living is easy. No, I kid. I miss him. I’m up until at least 1 am every night, partly because of the Olympics and partly because I can’t sleep without him here. I also miss our conversations, and his jokes, and watching Sherlock – a bbc show we are addicted to.

But it has been nice doing my thang after work: running errands, going to yoga everyday, strolling home and making pit stops (spending money I should not be). The problem with that though is I have not sat down to dinner before 9pm in like at least 2 weeks.

The good thing – It is easier to cook/shop for one. I don’t have to worry about having the right foods, or enough food, for him. It’s crazy because I have food literally stuffed everywhere – every grain, bean, flour known to man in the cabinet. The fridge is constantly so full I can’t close it. I could eat my usual 5-6 times a day and have enough for week of meals. Yet, I don’t have a complete meal for him. Drives me crazy.

Tonight, I went through and did a little inventory. I forget how much crap I have in the kitchen. I’ve been trying to use a lot of stuff here while he is gone. I put those beans + grains to use tonight, and made some of my favorites. My meals are always very macro bowl-esque. I was missing some ingredients tonight, but those that were present were stand out.

I’ve been quite obsessed with black beans this summer, but I changed it up to my long time favorite adzuki. These are small, red beans grown in Asia. The same beans you find in the sweet red bean japanese desserts.

As far as my favorite grain, it is a toss up between quinoa and millet. It’s been far too long since I’ve enjoyed some millet, so the decision was easy. Also, I don’t know why but the combination of adzuki and millet is something I’ve always loved.

Now usually to cook grains, like most people, I use water and/or a little broth. This time I got crafty and used some carrot juice I had hiding up in the cabinet. I spiced up my carroty-millet goodness with lots of cumin, some cinnamon, and black pepper. I also added some paprika to the top after tasting.

IMG 2717

I combined my lovely bean + grain creation with some pan-fried Twin Oaks Indian Masala Seasoned Tofu and a ton of steamed spinach (its hiding, but trust me -it’s there), and a light drizzle of Bragg’s liquid aminos. Next time, I think I will make/buy a carrot ginger dressing to top it with.

Spiced Carrot Infused Millet

Approx 4-6 servings

I know millet is what birds eat, but it really is yummy and a great nutritional source. It is a grain high in fiber, protein, B and E vitamins. If grains are bland, boring for you liven it up with your seasonings and cooking liquid.  I used store bought, no added sugar, carrot juice for this. Would have loved to juice my own, one can dream… You could also take this “infusion” idea to any grain and any juice. Tomato and couscous, spinach and quinoa. The flavor possibilities are endless.


  • 1 cup millet
  • 1/2-1 cup carrot juice ( I did just about 1 cup)
  • 1.5 – 2.5 cups water ( I did 1.5 cups)
  • 1/4 tsp cumin – or to taste
  • a large dash cinnamon
  • pepper- to taste
  • paprika – to garnish

Cooking millet:

1. Either rinse or toast millet. I chose to toast because it brings out a nice nutty flavor. Toast by heating millet on low, in a dry pan for a couple minutes.

2. Add liquid and bring to a boil, cover, and simmer for 25 minutes, or until all the liquid is absorbed. You will notice I have a range for the liquid measurements. The amount needed depends 1) how much carrot flavor you want and 2) how you want the texture of your millet. For drier,fluffier millet use less, at least 2.5 cups for 1 cup millet. For a moister, more porridge like texture use more liquid and cook a bit longer.

This was a great dinner using ingredients I have not made for myself in awhile. Next time you need some meal inspiration check the back of your cabinets. I wonder how much money I will save this month while he is gone? I still end up at the store everyday, because I have a problem. Grocery shopping = my retail therapy. Hey – at least I’m not in denial.  But I think overall, I’m still spending a lot less.


Do you have a particular bean+grain combination you like??

If you have a significant other, how do you coop when they are out of town?? And do you find it easier to cook for one, or more?



  1. Ha, I go through the same food situation with my bf–he needs like 5x my portion to be satisfied. P.S. I so appreciated your last post–your honesty about all of your ups and downs is really refreshing. Change does NOT mean failure! I learned that this summer when I lost my job and thankfully found an even better one that aligns with my interests and skills. But all of that emotional up and down and all the changes really made me second guess things and made me feel like I was out of control of my situation–until I finally realized I was the only one who could take charge of my situation. Just the fact that you’re vocalizing your thoughts on your perspective and your struggles with your own feelings is such a positive thing. Keep it up, chickie!

    • Hey! Thank you! I’m sorry I was not there for you this summer with the job thing. Still have to explain the email thing. Hopefully I will see you soon! Let’s hang anytime- seriously!

  2. I store and stash away gazillions of dried beans and grains and NEVER use them. I was reminded of this in a recent pantry overhaul…which resulted in me putting everything right back in there. Oops.

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