My boyfriend’s back + One of My Favorite Dishes

bb is making his way back to NYC as we speak. He is on a late night flight from Phoenix, and he has been gone for almost 6 weeks. In honor of his return, I am here at 11 pm whipping up one of our favorite things: Mujadara Lentils.

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It is kind of weird, it feels like it has been so much longer. I’ve developed this crazy routine on my own. We’ve been together since high school and he has always been factored into my daily schedule somehow. I’ve never really been completely on my own to do as I pleased all the time.

This past six weeks were great -

  • I threw my clothes on the floor
  • I went to yoga everyday
  • Strolled home at about 9 pm every night
  • Made whatever I wanted for dinner when I did get home, and only had to cook for one
  • Had extra food money to spend on things I’ve been wanting – mainly artisan tea, yogurt, and ice cream
  • I slept sideways across the whole bed

I think with everything going on in both our lives, some alone time was probably needed. I learned a lot about myself, and him. In addition, I got a lot of time to think about things and what I want from life.

It was a fun little break, but I am ready for him to be back. I have learned that I would like to keep my routine some days. And he can figure out dinner for himself (or both of us gasp!) It is important to balance both together and alone time. Something we were probably struggling with before.

Before starting on lentil dish, I rushed home from work to get cleaning. I let the room get a little out of hand. We have a cramped, cluttered space as it is, so it is really nice to have it clean again. I am also ready to get back to going to be earlier. With him gone I ended up staying awake until 1-2 every night, and still getting up at 630-7. Not ideal.

Other reasons I’m happy he is coming back

  • Our Blue Bottle coffee dates
  • Having someone else to be at home with me in PJ’s on a Friday night.
  • Someone to talk to all the time – while I was having life epiphanies I wanted him to be here to share them with
  • Sherlock!! We always have a show that we end up addicted to and watch during dinner/ or at night when we have time. We were watching the second season of the BBC series Sherlock, and I’ve been suffering withdraws.

I didn’t think it was a big deal and I even thought I kind of liked my new alone routine. But I’ve been experiencing some nervous excitement all day. I guess that goes to show you after almost 8 years, I really do love him.

I even ran around getting his favorite things for tomorrow. NY Bagel on the counter, strawberry cream cheese, in the fridge, Ralph’s Creme Ice Birthday Cake and Rainbow Cookie in the freeze, and lentils simmering for lunch tomorrow. He is so spoiled. I hope he realized that while he was gone ; )

Mujadara Lentils, Rice, and Onions

Serves 4-6


I learned this from my mom. I eat giant bowls of this every time I am at home. I love to top it with some greek yogurt and little hot sauce. Usually it is a 1:1 ratio of lentils to rice, but I like it with more lentils. And I use brown rice. It is so simple – just lentils, rice, and onions, but when they all simmer together for so long it just tastes so good. We never get sick of it.

**Update 9/5/12 : The key is the onions! Don’t skimp on them!! Maybe even add more than 2. **


  • 1 cup dry,uncooked brown lentils
  • 1/2 dry,uncooked brown rice
  • 2 medium onions – chopped/diced
  • ~3.5 cups water
  • 1 Tea­spoon cumin (optional)
  • 1 Tea­spoon salt
  • 1/2 -1 Tea­spoon pep­per (I like a lot)
  • 1- 2 Table­spoons extra virgin olive oil
  • greek yogurt for serving (optional)


1. Heat oil in a pot
2. Add the onions and cook on medium high heat until they are brown
3. Stir in rice and lentils, mix in with onions.
4. Add water, salt, pepper, and cumin and stir .
5. Cover and simmer for approx 60-75, or until water will be absorbed into rice and lentils and the grains are soft. You may need to add a little more water while it is cooking. Stir occasionally.
6. Serve hot or cold, with a little yogurt on top.
7. This heats up very well – so feel free to make tons! It never lasts that long for me.
I’m off to patiently wait for bb. He should be landing now!!!
What is one of your favorite go-to recipes,side dishes, meals?
How do you balance time to do your own thing and time together if you have a significant other?


  1. What a sweet post! I’m so happy for you both. :)

    Also, I’m happy for me because this recipe sounds ah-mazing and I’ll be making it very soon. ;)

    • Thanks Laura! I’ve dying to try it with cauliflower or parsnip rice for a while now! I think the cauliflower would soak up the flavor of the cumin sooo well! Can’t wait to see how you like it or what twist you put on it.

  2. This is so sweet – Congrats on him coming home :)

  3. It can be so hard to balance together and alone time! I like to do lunch dates or morning exercise classes with friends and save evenings for us to catch up on each other’s days, but sometimes that means missing things I want to do (so sometimes dinner together doesn’t happen). We’ve lived together for three years, and had a good routine down after the first year, but we’re now both students for a year and we’re having to re-figure out things since our schedules are so different now. Suddenly mornings are the best time to spend together!

    Luckily, we always have football, basketball, and our favorite tv shows to watch together. We both LOVE Sherlock (ok, maybe I LOVE it and he likes it). Always excited to see other people who are fans! Such a great series :)

    • It’s interesting that mornings are your best time! What do you do?? Breakfast? Who cooks?
      Because he is a medical student/basicall doctor now his schedule is crazy and usually ends up me forming my schedule around him. And his daily schedule is so up in the air that many times it ends up not working out and I miss my stuff and him. So it rather difficult. Right now I’m just going to stick my stuff, unless I know he will out. And when it happens it happens – and that time together will be that much better/ sweeter!

      Three cheers for Sherlock! Its soo bad that the episodes are 1.5 hrs! We can never stop watching.

      • I’m so bummed that they aren’t even starting filming the third season until January 2013. So long to wait!!

        The boyfriend doesn’t eat much for breakfast, so I wake up before him, get ready and make myself oatmeal or something, read my blogs and the news, etc., then about an hour after I wake up he gets up and we have an hour or so to chat before he heads off for school. That was our schedule for August, but I’ll be busy mornings and he’ll be busy afternoons this fall, so it looks like we’ll be back to some evenings (I have a few evening classes) and using Fridays when we both have off (he has to study on the weekends and I usually have things I’m involved with that keep me busy then).

        We’re trying to use this year to see each other as much as possible, though, since I start at a corporate law firm next fall and then I’ll be working crazy hours — probably similar to your boyfriend! I’ve heard the first few years at a law firm are like being a resident at a hospital.

  4. Aww, you sound like an awesome GF. I want someone to buy all my favorite things and have them ready when I come home from time away :) And to make me those lentils–I love lentils/everything Indian spiced, they sound right up my alley!

  5. just saying hi friend.. update me on life when you can! <3

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