Grain Free Parsnip Porridge

I’ve been busy trying to cultivate some good in my life. I actually am working on a huge change as we speak! Fingers crossed for good news.

I’ve been making some amazing food that needs to be shared and been having some even more significant life experiences that have really been showing me what I want out of life. That post is coming. It is too important to rush!

In the meantime. I’ve been having a real spur of creativity that I’ve been proud of. I got creative with my breakfast this morning. It has definitely been Fall in my kitchen – and finally just starting to look that way outside this morning.

IMG 3211

One of my favorite fall veggies is parsnips!! I did not discover this love until just last year. I first had them as a puree. It was love at first bite.

The beautiful white cousin of the carrot – but much more earty and bolder in flavor. Not as bitter as a turnip and not as starchy as a potato! It is really great in a soup with spices like rosemary, tarragon, or parsley. But roast them with some cinnamon, cardamom, or nutmeg and it will change your life.

Actually roasting them covered in almond butter will really change your life. – Just do it :)

Besides being in season during FALL, parsnips are great in other ways:

Benefits of Parsnips:

  • sweeter than carrots
  • high in potassium
  • great source of fiber
  • vitamin C
  • naturally low in calories, fat, sodium
  • great thickener for soups or as a puree

I’ve recently been all about dishes with parsnip “rice”

IMG 3083

Just pulse some chopped, raw parsnips in the food processor a few times. And voila.

IMG 3091

Saute some kale in dijon and apple cider vinegar – add some parsnip “rice” and lentils – you got a great side dish or base for more toppings like other roasted fall veggies – or a nice over medium egg and some avocado!

IMG 3124

But about parsnips for breakfast!

IMG 3207

While prepping my parsnip rice last night, and thinking about how I have’t had any cinnamon roasted parsnip “fries” yet this season. My mind quickly switched to breakfast.

So without further ado I give you

Grain Free Parsnip Porridge

This is an easy, grain free porridge, that really gets you going without weighing you down! And incase the thought of veggies in the am makes you nervous – this porridge is sweet and looks just like the traditional oatmeal.

IMG 3208


  • 1 cup parsnip rice
  • 1/2 cup milk of choice (I used almond. Coconut could be fun)
  • lots of cinnamon (to taste)
  • dash vanilla
  • dash of sea salt
  • dash of nutmeg (optional)
  • dried fruit and nuts / usual hot cereal toppings of choice


  1. Bring almond milk to a boil
  2. Add parsnip rice
  3. Cook on low until liquid absurd ~7-8 minutes
  4. add vanilla, salt, spices
  5. Empty into a bowl – add toppings – enjoy your new, seasonal, healthy porridge!

IMG 3212

Yummo! – Atleast to me anyway. I know not everyone will agree. * I’m look at you Aunt Karla! *

I’m counting on my #strangebutgood crew to support me.

If you have kids, I think you should give this try and see if you can fool ‘em slash bring them to the dark side of veggie love. This is a bonus that is it not green too! Easier to trick them. I love my green smoothies and spinach, but it is nice to change it up and keep the warm, comforting oatmeal feel.

What are your thoughts on parnsips and/or veggies for breakfast?

What is the most creative thing you done lately that you are proud of?

I’m off to work on more of that good I was speaking of – and cross my heart you will know soon too. Freckles and Spice is part of that good!!


  1. I’ll have to try the parsnips with nut butter. I like adding them to soups and to roasted veggies, and usually eat them with some ketchup or barbecue sauce to dip into.

    Does the porridge taste bitter at all, or just sweet?

    • Lisa!! Hello! I’m sorry its been so long. How are you??
      You must try the nut butter. And the porridge is sweet! Not bitter at all :) Email me with updates soon

  2. I’m not sure if I have ever eaten parsnips but I’m on a mission now!!


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