Cultivating Good

I’ve been having such a hard time writing on here, not just because of time, but because I feel as though my life has felt vague all this year. It’s like although things were happening my life was sort of dim and unclear.  It is hard to explain vague things, you know?? 

And although vague and unclear, I know this is not the life I want to live. I’ve said this before on here: one thing I am absolutely sure of is that I want to happy everyday and be a source of positivity for everyone that comes into my life. Sound me easy enough, right?

It is also hard to blog when I feel like I am keeping things, or secrets. I was/am happy making small strides to do things I enjoyed but ultimately feel stuck in a job that was not right for me anymore. 

I thought was able to focus on small stuff and add projects into life to make me happy – but my biggest things in life still were not working. As a result, I was not living my life well lived.

As risky as this is with all my financial responsibility – as of two weeks ago, I do not work in the lab anymore. This was sort of done in part, without my decision. C’est la vie….

And as crappy as this is and with all the changes I am going to have to make, I think this is the final thing this year that needed to happen so I could really get back to me and taking care of myself. After health issues, not getting loans to go back to school, some relationship problems, and now this…

I was an absolute mess for a few days. I felt like a failure and disappointment. With everything I’ve gone through this year it was always “at least you still have you job” but now what?? 

Well that is where the Cultivating Good comes in to play. Luckily, I had gone to work on this earlier in the year without really knowing what I was doing yet. Funny how that happens, right?

I started branching out this summer to really take advantage of NYC and all my interests, and things that make me happy. I did some work catering, baking, food prepping and selling with 2 really great local food purveyors that I love: Black and Blanco and the Regal Vegan.

Great experiences and I really learned a lot. Love both companies/people, and their amazing products. I’ve spread the love of the the Black and Blanco Sandcastle cookies with some of you blends and friends back home :) 

But now on to the more permanent projects in my life and things making me happy. For about 2 months now, I’ve been hooked on the saying that I am on a mission to cultivate some good in my life!! 

Suddenly, there is a lot of good packing my days and leaving my head spinning but in a positive way. 

Without further ado, here is the list:

1. Pushcart Coffee – y’all remember my hurricane story. Since, the end of October. I started working at Pushcart Coffee, along with the lab job, as a coffee Peddler. We are called peddlers because we are all so much more than Barista’s. The owner’s are keen on people doing as much as they want to do for the company and employing all our skills and interests. We have a weekly journal, and I will be contributing some writing to it. As well as joining in on pop-up yoga, helping with other community events, starting a book club in January!, and getting artists to display work in the our shop. 

2. Maggie’s Kitchen – This is basically part of Pushcart. Maggie is the sister of one of the owner’s and our pastry chef/baker. I am sort of her apprentice right now, and she is training to run baking on the weekend. Maggie is so talented. And she did an internship with the famous Dominique Ansel in Soho. This is a dream come true. I’ve wanted to go to culinary school since my trip to Italy in 2007. I am pumped to soak up as much info as I can.

3. Lululemon(aaahhh!) - This is the latest! After a 3 step interview process I found out on Friday I got the position as Educator. Just like Pushcart – we are called Educator’s not sales associates. Because there is so much more involved to create a unique experience and environment. This is another dream come true. The company’s dedication to growth, positivity, motivation, attention to detail, quality, and bringing the community together through local fitness ambassadors and free classes is so honorable. I’ve known a few people who have worked and gained so much. While attending run club here last year, I used to joke that everyone was so happy and I wanted to be a part of it – well now I am! 

4. Natural Food Magazine: The Magazine for Vegetarians and Vegans - Unpaid freelance. Starting with the second issue in October, I am a monthly contributor to the magazine with recipes and articles about living healthy through food. While unpaid, I so honored that I was approached about this. Being print and having someone want you to write for their publication is so inspiring for me. Especially since having a hard time with my blog this year. 

5. Strala Yoga Twitter -  Since June, I have been the person behind the tweets of Strala Yoga. I was floored when Tara Stiles approached me about this. Both social media and Strala yoga have played a part in changing / saving my life. I love that I can be a part of the community and contribute. I hope to be able to do more social media for Strala Yoga and Tara Stiles. 

6. Editorial Assistant Intern - on a multimedia project about food systems. This book proposal is looking at the details of going from farm to plate of some of the worlds most harvested foods. Every step from growing, packing, all the way to consumption. I’m in love with food and the local, organic sustainable movement. Although unpaid, this is a huuuuge opportunity for me to learn, build my resume, and improve my writing. 


I have changed a lot since moving to NYC. I know that these unique opportunities combined with my science degree and past interests, will really help take me towards that life I want to live. I already feel more fulfilled and happy than I have in a long time. 

My to do list and schedule is absolutely insane, but i’m so excited as I look forward and see the long, sprawling road ahead. 

Some may say it will be a hard living with multiple jobs, and not see the positives. But I know I haven’t really, truly worked hard in a while. And this is because I have not had things I truly cared about and that gave me that urge to work my ass off.

I still like science, healthcare, research , and I know I will be able to incorporate it into my life in the future. But right now, I’m just gaining more skills to add to my resume and finding out more about myself. This is what you do at 25, right? Gather all the skills you can to find out your perfect career.

Life is a never ending road of growth, challenges, learning and progressing. All you can do is give the best you can and learn from all mistakes and experiences, and just make sure you are doing good for yourself and others


That was a long one! Thanks for reading!

Have you taken a big risk in your life or taken on a new challenge lately??  

What is a good thing motivating your life? Or maybe you have something missing like I did – what can you add?


In Happiness and Health,



  1. It definitely sounds like everything with your old job is for the best. You sound so happy, and you have some really cool things going on! I’m jealous. :)

    I’d love to hear more about how you got some of these gigs – like if they were through connections or applying or being a frequent visitor at places.

  2. Aunt Patti says:

    Congratulations Ashley — do what you love and stay positive –I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and you are never given more than you can handle, love you

  3. I really loved reading this post because it seems like only a few months ago you were in the same place as where I am now. I guess at this age many of us go through a quarter-life crisis where a re-evaluation of life is absolutely necessary. Some go back to old routines while others take the leap of fate and gain the courage to follow their heart. You, being the latter, are so inspirational! I just hope that when the moment strikes in my own life I can be as brave as you.

    Best of luck with everything!

    • Thank you so much for this reply. Not everyone sees this change as something inspirational. I would love you to email me and we can chat some more! I hope you are doing well in your day to day though and finding out more about yourself and the greatness you can achieve.

  4. congrats to you for making positive changes! don’t look back, do what feels right for you right now, and live it up :)

    • Thank you sofia!! PS – long time no see girl! I’ve been following you on foursquare though ahaha. Lots of positive eats for you

  5. see! i know God would open more doors for you, and wow! look!!! SO SO HAPPY! LULU!!!

  6. Love seeing how busy and happy you are! Sometimes the most nontraditional ways of going about things pay off :) and you are able to really live your passions!

    • I have got my fingers crossed still for big things! Thanks again for all your help. I’m so happy for you about soulcycle

  7. Looks like you have a lot of good things happening right now! :D


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