Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

First, I am thankful to all of you who have bared with me this year. Things are finally looking up, and promise to make to start making it up to you and myself on here!

I am thankful I worked with Jesse today! He is one of my fav Pushcart Peddlers so far. He’s happy – even when things are bad and just plain awesome. He laughs when he is in a bad mood. Love it! Plus, his music choice for today to uplift his mood was was Madonna – amen!

I worked today from 6-2 at Pushcart Coffee. And working Turkey Day isn’t so bad when you have Caramel Pecan Muffins and Pumpkin Pie. Not to mention coffee all day :)

IMG 3310

I love our customers! They are so kind, and I always make a friend(s)! Gotta breakfast date with a new friend in the works! Hello Jaclyn!

I am thankful bb is home for more than a few days, or even only hours sometimes. First time since end of July. He is studying a lot but we took some time out to spend together on this holiday – and that is what matters. We are not at home with family, but we are will each other.

IMG 3315

haha, I told him these were not going on here. Oops!

IMG 3316

I am thankful for not cooking! Sounds crazy right??

Well, I always cook Holidays meals and I cook all week. After work it was rather nice not to not stress about it. We were going to Indian take out food, but last minute b decided he would miss stuffing. Whole Foods it is!

IMG 3313

The man plate: Turkey, stuffing, mash potatoes

The veggie plate: truffled mushrooms, garlickly greens, cider roasted root veggies!!

We shared, of course. Plus, had some gravy and cranberry orange relish to go with it all.

IMG 3314

I was kind of bummed about not sticking with our original untraditional pla,. But this ended up being a great idea!

The thought of pre-made, take out hurt my cooking pride at first but after working and showering and it being after 3pm already, I think it was perfect! Plus Whole Foods does such a good job. I actually was quite impressed and loved every bite of the sides, especially the mushrooms. Truffle oil should be on everything :)

Most importantly, after the year I’ve had where everything that could go wrong could – I am thankful for myself!! And just getting back to me, and my health. I’m thankful for listening to my body, listening to my heart, and really just allowing life to guide me and the opportunities being presented. I am learning to finally love myself as I am. And that is a great thing.

And finally, I am thankful for everyone that has entered into my life. My family, my friends, my blog readers, my blends, my fruit stand guy, my new fabulous co-workers, my yoga community. my cousin Molly who took me in during the Hurricane and let us eat her mac n’ cheese, the lovely security guard in our building that calls me baby girl, etc.

I could go on forever, but you all are what gives my life meaning everyday and these interactions are what make life worth living.

I was not going to do a Thanksgiving Day post, but I feel too much has gone unsaid on this blog this year that I just had to share my appreciation. Today is about loving kindness, and acknowledging what truly matters in life.

bb and I are off to see the new James Bond movie, Skyfall. To the start of new traditions!!

In happiness and health,



  1. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  2. Love you and thankful for your friendship!!!

    I am happy you and BB had a great thanksgiving together! The whole foods thanksgiving to go looks amazing!


    • whole foods always does a good job as far as pre-made goes. it was nice to not cook and plan and just an easy thanksgiving day. i heart you!

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