Marvelous Monday – Finally!!

Hellloooo All!

During my early morning short shift at the coffee shop today, a customer came in a paid with the app level-up. The base of the machine lights up and he was pretty pumped by this. To make it even more exciting I threw up my fingers into jazz hands and said “happy monday!” 

We could all use a little lights and jazz hands on a Monday morning – in addition to the large coffee :)

Luckily, my beautiful friend Katie gives us Marvelous Monday posts every week to get us into that positivity spreading spirit.



1. My favorite breakfast lately:

IMG 3260

 Chobani greek yogurt, persimmon, naturally sweetened pumpkin butter, sweet and salty granola, and cinnamon 


IMG 3256

sub the permission for pomegranate seeds

Both seasonally inspired and equally delicious

2. My best friend from back home ran her first 5k yesterday!! Congrats Jenna – you are awesome. I couldn’t be happier for you :)!!

She also sent me this card over the weekend:

IMG 3286

 There are no words to express how much this card meant to me. I really needed the encouragement/support. <3

IMG 3287

3. Creating a new tradition with my boo. Although, I am not going home this week for Thanksgiving, and my heart it is breaking about it,  bb is actually back home as of yesterday for almost 10 days. It is the first slash longest time since end of July! When I get out of work on Turkey Day we are going to create our own untraditional celebration – perhaps some Indian take out and heading to see the new James Bond! Whoop whoop! Not necessarily ideal, but it will still be special 

4. Dates and new friends! I made new friends Saturday at the Pushcart Coffee grand opening party.

IMG 3278

IMG 3282

I was like a giddy, flirty school girl when we texted on Sunday and made plans for watching the Macy’s parade balloons get blown up on Wednesday evening – soooo pumped for this!!

I also made a long standing date with Jen for yoga and tea next week. We have yet to meet in person!

5. This quote

“Surrounding yourself with people living their dreams, is the best shortcut to living your own”

Don’t you love when you read something somewhere, spontaneously that really hits home for your life at that exact moment?? That is in fact so marvelous! 

6. Tara Stiles and 7 Weeks of Bliss. Tara is the founder of Strala, my lovely yoga studio. She is awesome and today starts her 7 Weeks of Bliss Campaign. Calm, Connected and Inspired all week long with videos to boost your mind, move your body, and fuel yourself through the holiday season. Can’t think of a better idea to start winter with. 

While I’ve been reading these posts for months, I have yet to join in while I get my life back together. Time to stop saying and start just doing

The best way I could think to start to re-introduce my life here on Freckles & Spice, was to share my passions in yesterday’s post. I have plenty of the more meaningful/deep/heavy/thoughtful posts in the wings, but to be the blogger I strive to be, I think it is best to mix it up with some fun posts – expect more marvelousness, fun quizzes, and definitely recipes to be sprinkled in F&S. 


Cheers friends!


What is marvelous in your life??

And I’m still looking to hear your passions!


  1. I love your enthusiasm, and your latest posts have been really uplifting. It sounds like Pushcart has been a really great thing for you, and I’m glad you’re finding a fun niche in NYC.

    Looking forward to the more deep posts – love stuff like that.

    • thank you – it means a lot! ! I’m sorry for not being around – I need to catch up on you! Still in Berkshires – did you go back to teaching??

  2. That breakfast! Errr… both breakfasts…. look soooo good! I think your Thanksgiving sounds good. Indian food is way better than dried out chicken and those nasty cranberry molds.

    • That yogurt is banging right?! I’m totally thinking about it for snack tonight too. Can’t get enough.

      I will miss stuffing and pumpkin pie though. There is always christmas…

  3. Can’t wait for our yoga tea date! Hmm, what is marvelous… I feel lucky because I think so many things are! My pets, my boyfriend being a student now so we can have lazy Friday mornings together occasionally, and how much I’m loving running right now.

    • I know! I’m super pumped! I’m thinking maybe david’s tea.

      Thank you for sharing your marvelous monday things with me. I love that you get your lazy fridays now. I remember you mentioning that you were looking forward to that before. Embrace the running girl! I remember during training I started to hate it – it was an awful feeling. But the greatest feeling in the euphoria from doing something you love – enjoy it!!

      • David’s Tea sounds perfect! I will defer to your downtowner knowledge on the best place for tea :)

        And yes, I finished training and suddenly fell in love with running again. But I also feel so motivated to sign up for another race and try to beat my first half-marathon time! So we’ll see how long before I give in to my competitive side…

        • Haha – limited downtowner knowledge but you will love it :).
          Thanks for sharing the details about goals! So motivating to hear.

  4. Love this Marvelous post. Getting cards in the mail is seriously the best thing ever. Emails and texts are so impersonal. Pretty, old-fashioned greeting cards are the way to go :D

  5. Making new traditions with your significant other are always so much fun & just perfect xox

  6. I am so happy you joined in!!! We need to catch up soon, please!!!!

    Yay for new friends and your breakfast chobani bowls look amazing!

    I love ya girl and thanks for the support towards MIMM! <3

  7. so glad you can enjoy your thanksgiving. You deserve it! and much much more! Jazz hands!

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