National Fig Week: A savory fig flatbread

Guys, I am exhausted. Life the past few weeks is finally catching up with me and I don’t know if the sudden onset of winter is making it feel worse – but I am hitting a wall. 

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Last Night’s NYC Blizzard

I still have no internet at my place. So I’ve been running back and forth working everyday at the Medical Center, Pushcart Coffee, and when I’m not working at Pushcart there using the wifi for the unpaid work I need to do. Ahhhh!

Thank god for my great friends the last 3 days. I’ve had 2 friends invite me over for little impromptu visits. Being so busy I want to say I can’t I need to get back to my computer – but you know what?? Sometimes you just need to sit on a couch with a girlfriend. Side note: I do not have a couch in my apartment, too small. And I go for months at a time without seeing my gf’s.

If you follow me on twitter/facebook you’ve seen the pictures from Tuesday/Wednesday evening. My friend Lily made dinner both nights! No one ever cooks for me – and to have it be my favorite foods! Yummy root veggies and homemade chicken soup.

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I braved the blizzard and ignored all the groceries in my fridge just to indulge in an hour or so of relaxation. I’ve been learning the long, hard way that sometimes you just gotta do something to take care of you even if it almost seems like an inconvenience or self-fish at first. JUST DO IT!

So I know I told you the other day that I owe you posts on mediation, my new side projects, and my very late food pen pal reveal. But I also mentioned some recipes – so tonight that is what you are getting. 

All through August and September I was completely addicted to fresh figs. I was surprised by how well received my Breakfast Fig and Banana Smoothie was. I originally crafted this recipe to be used for my friend Heather’s Meatless Monday A-Z. The fig day was wayyy back on September 17th – so you see how far I am behind. 

Luckily this past week November 1-7 was National Fig Week, so it gives me a chance for make this recipe relevant again. I was, and am still so excited about it.

Rosemary Roasted Figs and Butternut Squash Piadina (italian flatbread with olive oil):

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Figs are so often seen in sweet dishes, so I was really excited to come up with savory treat for dinner one evening. I used butternut squash here, but any sort of winter squash or sweet potato would sub deliciously. And you can use any type of wrap or flatbread you want. Piadina is a really large italian flatbread used for panini’s and such. I also don’t really have exact measurements either – it depends on the size of you flatbread and personal taste. 


Serves 1

20-30 minutes from prep – to eating

  • 3-4 fresh figs 
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil
  • a sprig of fresh rosemary; or a teaspoon or so dried 
  • handful of arugula
  • pepper to taste 
  • approx 1/4-1/3 cup roasted butternut squash puree (mine was frozen pureed stock – can you canned or fresh made too)
  • good goat cheese (optional)
  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees
  2. Slice figs into quarters
  3. Toss with olive oil and rosemary
  4. Roast for 12-15 minutes; the figs will start to caramelize a bit
  5. In the meantime spread squash puree on flatbread, sprinkle with pepper and greens – and even more rosemary!
  6. When the figs are done top the flatbread, add the goat cheese if using
  7. Place back in the oven for approx. 5 minutes. 
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Fig season is about over now which is heart breaking. What is especially heartbreaking is that I had froze a bunch of figs to have when the season was over, but they were victims of Hurricane Sandy. I literally cried throwing them away along with a lot of local, artisanal goods in my fridge. That’s what I get for stock piling food and not just eating it asap. Alas, at least I have the fond memories. And maybe if I look really hard I can still find some to refreeze. If not, persimmon season is here and that is fun too!!

Hope you enjoy the recipe, the other posts are still to come – cross my heart guys! 

And I just want to give one my shout out to Lily and Katherine, the fabulous friends who kept me sane this week. You guys are the best :)


Do you get really attached to some of your food purchases?? If so, what was the last one?  I can’t be alone in this. Although bb doesn’t understand it.  I’m such a sucker for limited time produce and local goods – so many condiments and sauces got thrown away. I wanted to test a lot of it – but I’ve gotten food poisoning far too many times….



  1. I’m surprised its just now catching up with you! You guys have been through so much… I am SO glad you’re ok.

    AND I’m totally impressed that you made such a tasty dinner in the midst of it all. YUM!

  2. You really did make MMAZ recipes that you didnt get a chance to post – and this looks really yummy!! Not that I ever doubted you, it’s just cool to see. :)

    • Haha! It is okay if you doubted me – ive been promising a lot and failing on delivery. Im sad its MMAZ is almost over and Ive missed most of it :(

  3. I wish i could come feed you, or fly you out here! You’ve been through so much. and bummer about the food going bad.

    • I just found some more figs yesterday!! Paid too much but totally worth it. Eating it now in my oats!!
      I totally want to come visit. Im banking a lot of money with second job. Maybe soon!

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