Passion Baby!!

Ya’ll know my favorite word is Thrive. I swear I’m getting it tattooed somewhere.

To thrive you need to have passions. Passions move you and make you excited for life, the day, and give you a purpose. 

For a while, I did not know who I was. Blogging and moving to NYC, and I’m sure age/time, have helped define myself. This year especially.  

These are the passions that define me and my life:

1. Relationships - This one is unexpected and huge for me. It is my number one, despite being previously labeled as “not a people person.” My mom, bb, my friends, and blends. Have become so important to me this year to not be number one. I’ve worked on my relationships with the first two the most. bb and my mom are the most important people in my life. I realized that life is too short to let petty things get in the way and to not just love unconditionally. It is also too short to spend it on the computer sometimes, and be devoting time not cultivating and strengthening these relationships :) Hence some lack of blogging while bb and I went through some tough spots this year. 

IMG 1068

But we are more than good now :) 

IMG 0615

IMG 0421


IMG 0706

My wonderful “extended” family of sorts: best friend and my “niece” 


 2. Community – This sort of goes along with relationships too. I’ve found that creating a strong, positive social network somewhere is so important. Coming to a place so big and busy like new york makes you realize how much you need connections and sense of belonging somewhere. I mean research shows children cannot thrive and develop properly without social interaction and making connections with people. So I figure, adults need to retain that aspect of life in order to keep thriving, growing, and living.

I have developed so much love for my communities: blogging and social media, strala yoga, pushcart coffee. They bring so much energy, connection into my life. More importantly, a feeling that I am part of something bigger than me and I’m surrounded by people who care.

Photo 4

Some Coffee Crew



Roll 380

blogging community friends

Being social is also the easiest way to discover new things and interests to add to life. I’m doing a lot lately to help create communities for myself and others. I find it to be one of the most fulfilling things in my life at the moment. 

3. Food/Cooking – Haha, this almost goes without saying! I have always loved food. And honestly, most of the pictures on my computer/iphone are of food. I’m not embarrassed, embrace it!

I have gained quite a bit of passion for the local, sustainable food movement. I loooove local artisanal products and using them to cook good food with. Good food – it nourishes, and fuels, it comforts, it allows you to create something and share it, and it tastes so yummy. Food can be bonded over, brings us back to that sense of community and worth. And by good food, I don’t mean always necessarily 100% healthy either :) Everything in moderation friends. And  because food involves the senses, and the senses evoke emotions many people can find a good memory (or two!) that involve food. Gahhh…its just so good. 

IMG 1674

My first horribly photographed recipe, haha. pistachio-wasbasi pea crusted fish! I was one proud momma

IMG 0888

amazing vegan beet puree with cocout cream and homemade hazelnut crostini

IMG 1023

The Christmas Table 2011

IMG 3076

life is too short to not have  creme brûlée!!

4. Writing – Here is something else I never that I would have as a passion. I was always the science person – I hated writing, I despised anything that really involved deep thinking and not just facts. I was really challenged with this in my senior of college, which I describe in my Live Beautifully tab.  Now, although I am still struggling with good form and wording – I love writing! I just want to be writing about everything! It documents my reflections and all my other passions; things to motivate, recipes, tweets (social media), email and keeping those relationships strong.

5. Simplicity – I want to be remembered for appreciating the small things and keeping my relationships and life as uncomplicated as it can be. 

“A little simplification would be the first step towards ration living” – well-said Eleanor Roosevelt, well-said 

IMG 2666

IMG 2806

6.Empower –  Also sort of steming off the community/relationship passions. I want to spend my life motivating others and myself. It is the the main reason I started blogging. At first, to motivate and encourage weight loss, health, and share my own success. But to really feel good the concept has really umbrellaed for me. Now I just want to lead my best life, and to help other find that in themselves in all aspects of mind, body, and spirit. 
7. Fitness/Health – Can’t forget this one! Some sort of movement every day benefits the entire life experience. I know from experience that it can mean something as little as a sort walk, or as intense as a marathon or rugby. Whatever movement you are feeling and is best for you will benefit your health and body so you can enjoy your passions as long as possible :)


Passion Baby – Its what makes life worth living!!

I feel like before I could write about all the things I’ve been promising to write about to get my blog back on it’s feet I had to share my passions first. It is the first step in describing me, my life, the changes made, the road being taken, the lack of time on here, why I write/will write about what I do – just everything. 


What are your passions?? I don’t know if you can have too many passions either. 

And share some good from your weekend? I went to a pushcart coffee grand opening party complete with new friends, red wine, and chocolate cake :)


  1. Aunt Patti says:

    Ashley —well said –”written” –we love you!!


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