Live Beautifully

During my senior year of college, I took the hardest class of my career. No it wasn’t organic chemistry or molecular biology, although those were challenging. It was my senior philosophy seminar.


The theme of this class was the meaning of life. If any other seminar had fit into my schedule, I would have taken any class over this one. I was a science major, I learned facts. I did not do well with thinking about myself, and life, and heavy topics. I really did not no how. Thank goodness I did take this course though. Although 2-3 years prior to starting a blog and changing my life, I think it is in this class that the motivation was planted.

We had to write a daily journal. I really despised this part of the class, now here I am writing a {mostly} daily blog about living. Our final paper had to be ten pages on anything, as long as it was meaningful to me, the instructor, and life. It was just as hard as it sounds. We were also forced to participate in discussions every class, which is something I also did not do Рtalk to people.

I did end up with an A in the course. I was challenged in ways I had never been and really had to take a good look at myself, the trajectory of my life, and what I wanted. It was out of this class and final paper that developed my Live Beautifully Philosophy. I don’t know if I knew that even meant then. I just knew that my life had become pretty static, and I was not happy with my fast paced, all work and no play lifestyle.

This is blog has really helped me remember that I left college with the goal to Live Beautifully everyday. The meaning is pretty loose right now, which is the awesome thing. I know I want to lead a dynamic life where I am always moving forward and challenging myself. Over time as I change my definition of what it means to Live Beautifully will also be evolving. Right now all I know is, I want to always be striving towards being a better person and doing the best things I can for my body for a long, healthy life. And finally, I want to do at least one thing I am proud of every day.

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