Chobani Soho – A Yogurt Heaven


I could eat yogurt all day, everyday. There are currently 7 yogurts in my fridge. And I ate 2 additional, the last two days. I’m of the eat one, replace one mindset. Yogurt parfaits often end up being my breakfast or my night time snack. Piled with fresh fruit and some granola. Love in a […]

The Amazing Avocado + Fonda and Chef Roberto Santibañez

I’ve been so back logged lately with posts that I have been awful and forgot to post about one of the best meals I’ve had in a while. It was absolutely one of the best Mexican meals I have ever had! It was weeks ago now, but the taste of those black beans and tomatillo […]

Rainy Day Made Better by Technogym and Friends


These busy, jam packed days are a blessing and curse. I’ve been having so much fun but it is starting to catch up with me. I was exhausted and feeling sick today. Yesterday started with work in the lab. The past couple days have been frustrating, my experiment was up and working, then last week […]