Strala Yoga: Finding a Home and Falling in Love


As always, I am blown away by the comments and support you have left me on Monday’s post. There are no words to express my appreciation. I would also like to clarify that when I say I want to give back to the blog community, I do not just mean those that comment or have […]

Being Socially Healthy


This weather/time of year makes me want to do nothing but be outside. I had the perfect Memorial Day weekend. Despite having to work Saturday, I went in at 7 earlier than during the week just so I could get out with a good chunk of the day left, and suffering from food poisoning for […]

Dusting myself off and getting back on the horse


I’m feeling good this Friday morning guys! By 8 am, I had already gotten in some exercise (elliptical + core), made my own cashew nut milk (so easy guys!), and then used that nut milk in a smoothie, and was already headed to work. Maybe it’s the maca powder in my smoothie. Or maybe it […]