Grain Free Parsnip Porridge


I’ve been busy trying to cultivate some good in my life. I actually am working on a huge change as we speak! Fingers crossed for good news. I’ve been making some amazing food that needs to be shared and been having some even more significant life experiences that have really been showing me what I […]

Banana Fig Breakfast Smoothie


Yesterday was an eh sort of day.  Work was fine and I made it to yoga, which is always a positive thing. I posted and got a an awesome goodie box from Chobani. Funnily (my favorite non-word) enough, my post was about them. Lovely coincidence But I was just having an off day. My mind […]

Weekend Good Things


Today’s post, and mood, is brought to you by the word good: That’s what we are focusing on here at Freckles and Spice. And today something good happened. Around noon I had the urge to run - and to to run outside! I have not run outside since the New Year’s race. And the like once […]