3 Times Thursday + Including the day I ate a Sandwich Made By an Iron Chef


So I’ve been back in NYC for three days now, and as much as I did not want to leave the south. It is good to be back to my routine – sort of. I could do with out work. I tend to operate better with a routine (hello girl with control issues). Although I […]

WIAW + What I Watch Wednesday


I like to think I don’t really watch too much TV. But it is a guilty pleasure sometimes – especially Wednesday night! Modern Family Night. I think it is the only reliable sitcom on. But the new Lily this season still freaks me out. SomethingĀ I’ve never really been into is reality TV. I’ have never […]

A Night with the Voice of Vader

Just a quickie post this evening. I rushed home to do my Wednesday strength training workout. Limited Time so only 2 sets each instead of 3. Preformed in numerical order. Wednesday Legs: 1. Step Ups 2 x 16 each leg 2. Front Squat 2 x 20 3. Lunges holding 10 lb plates 2 x 15 […]