Gaining Weight the Healthy Way


Thank you all for the the birthday wishes! I’m still feeling so grateful, and it that reminder that I has been getting me through this kind of eh hump day. The bad list: Construction rocking the building at 7 am continues and there is a note now that says ETA for project completion is 2015 […]

Blood Sugar and You


Recently, my mom called me saying she has been feeling sick and dizzy, and her doctor say it is because her blood sugars are dropping too low. My mom has a physically demanding career as a nurse, and doesn’t always take the time to properly fuel herself. Unfortunately, I am familiar with this scenario, having […]

Whirlwind of a Wednesday


Today has been crazy! It is almost 9pm –  I just finished dinner and I’m sitting down for the first time. I finished my christmas cards this morning and mailed them out, I had work 9-5, then I ran home to cook two treats for my first foodie pen pal package for Tasha. Hmmmm….what wonder what […]