Best Week Ever


Who is having the best week ever??? (Source) THIS GIRL IS!! ridiculous picture. i know. but it gets the point across Does VH1 still play that show?? I should find out. But anyway – after months of what felt like never ending bad news, things are really starting to look up.¬†Hallelujah! ! What has been […]

Dusting myself off and getting back on the horse


I’m feeling good this Friday morning guys! By 8 am, I had already gotten in some exercise (elliptical + core), made my own cashew nut milk (so easy guys!), and then used that nut milk in a smoothie, and was already headed to work. Maybe it’s the maca powder in my smoothie. Or maybe it […]

Peace Carrot

This was on my health tip on my Google home page today: Keep a Positive Mental Outlook There’s a definitive connection between living well and healthfully and having a cheerful outlook on life. Thought for the day: You can’t be unhappy when you’re smiling or singing.  This is the perfect statement for a damp, gloomy […]